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When You’re In Aklan, You Have To Try Jocyl’s Food Products’ Skinless Longganisa, Pork Embutido, And Smoked Chorizo

Every company has a line of products it is most proud of, and Jocyl’s is no exception. While we are certainly proud of all our products there are three that we consider our best, and our customers agree.


We requested one of our most vocal customers to send in her review of our top three products: the Smoked Chorizo, the Skinless Longganisa, and the Pork Embutido. This is what she has to say.




Aklan is famed for the Ati-Atihan, Boracay, the Basang and Hurom-Hurom cold springs in Nabas, its unique language, its churches, and its smoked longganisas. From the market’s offerings, up to Aklan’s top brands, you can expect excellent longganisa unlike any other in this country. Even my fellow Ilonggos will say that there is no longganisa quite like the Aklanon Longganisa.


Jocyl’s is a brand I am proud to review. Truth be told, when a high school batchmate from Cebu came over, I gave her three brands to taste: A rather affordable brand I usually buy from the market, another leading brand, and Jocyl’s. If I had other friends coming over seeking to taste the Aklanon longganisa, I’d do that all over again. Such is the taste that Aklanon longganisa has managed to achieve.


So when Jocyl’s Food Products asked me to give feedback about their offerings, I was happy to say “Yes!” I’m a big fan of their products, and like I said, if a friend came seeking to taste Aklanon Longganisa, I’d get them a “starter pack” of those three kinds.


So here are my thoughts of three of Jocyl’s Food Products:


Skinless Longganisa. Whenever I remember this product, I am immediately transported into a happy reverie. I have figured out the best way to serve this: Just golden-brown, and not too charred. It is juicy. It is succulent. It is beyond divine. It is THE BOMB. Why such superlatives? Because I’m a fan of this! Like I said, thoughts of the Skinless Longganisa from Jocyl’s Food Products transports me into a happy state of mind.


Just so you have an idea of how to prepare it, here are my thoughts and tips: It is individually wrapped in wax paper, so just unfurl and drop into a smoking-hot frying pan. The result is a sweet, juicy, delectable Filipino sausage that your whole family will love. For the most perfect Skinless Longganisa, fried just right, fry over low fire and turn over frequently, until well-done brown. For a crispier flavor, fry until well-done or with some dark spots.


Sometimes I like my Jocyl’s Food Products Skinless Longganisa “perfectly done.” Sometimes, since I’m a fan of crispy, even charred food, I like it burnt and crispy, just a little bit. Overall, like I said, I’m a raving fan.


Pork Embutido. When I first opened a pack of Jocyl’s Food Products’ Pork Embutido, I was pleasantly surprised to see it labeled “Pre-Sliced.” Nice! Easier for moms to prepare! 😀 I thought, if moms are harried and need to balance life and kids, they just need to get Jocyl’s Food Products’ Pork Embutido for some of those days in the week when they’re too tired to make an intricate meal, unwrap, and cook however they like!

Embutido is usually ready to consume, as it’s already smoked and cooked before it’s been wrapped in foil. But who likes eating cold meat with rice, right? So if you’re a tired and frazzled mom, or if you’re a rather lazy single girl like me, all you need to do is to unwrap the embutido partway, pop the whole thing, foil and all, into a toaster oven, and toast each side for 5 minutes. Voila! Instant dinner.


If you’re feeling extra-lazy, you may even forget about opening the embutido’s foil pack. Just toss the plastic wrapping and the label into the trash, pop the embutido, foil and all, into the oven, not even opened, and toast for 5 minutes each side. Simple, no-fuss, totally lazy food prep 101. Perfect for dorm dwellers. Don’t tell my mom I’m such a slob.


But I did try the Jocyl’s Food Products’ Pork Embutido fried. Because I just wanted to see whether there would be a difference in taste. There was!!!


As I was savoring my Pork Embutido with my rice, one half of it straight from the toaster, the other half straight from the frying pan, I realized, there was a big difference in taste. The fried embutido was more succulent, more tasty, more namit!!! And while chewing, I got to thinking, this must be that “umami” taste that I’d read about. That certain difference in taste, that extra savory flavor that gives a dish an extra hint of “that something” that sets it apart from other, blander foods. So, I totally recommend frying the Jocyl’s Food Products’ Pork Embutido if you have the time to do so. But no worries, like I said, toaster-cooked Jocyl’s Food Products Pork Embutido is still good to eat!


Smoked Chorizo. I will have to admit that I’m a bigger fan of the Skinless Longganisa than I am of the Smoked Chorizo. I did appreciate the fact that it was clear to my taste buds that the meat it was made of is fresh, and that it was more meat than fat. My heart didn’t feel that tell-tale pinch of too much fat in a dish when I had the Jocyl’s Food Products’ Smoked Chorizo. That’s when I realized that it was mostly meat, barely-even-there fat.

I recommend boiling this first, then when the water drains, giving it more time to fry in its own oil. Add a little cooking oil during the boiling process so that there will be ample oil to fry it in when the water boils dry. If you’re a big fan of slightly-charred Smoked Chorizo, then by all means, wait until one side is a little charred, to the point that its casing breaks a little.


I had my Smoked Chorizo meal with my fiancé, and he was a bigger fan of the Smoked Chorizo than I am. He said that it was better than most of the chorizos he’s tried, and he loves the sweet, succulent taste we all look for in Filipino Chorizos.


I believe it’s a great Filipino breakfast treat that your family will love, and Jocyl’s Food Products certainly made it fresh and healthy for your family to enjoy it, and often.



Well, these are my thoughts on the Skinless Longganisa, Pork Embutido, and Smoked Chorizo by Jocyl’s Food Products. Try these, and I know you’ll agree with me! : )


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