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The Tummy-Filling Choriburger


“Manamit gid!”

Inspired by the popular, delicious, and affordable merienda treat from Boracay, Jocyl’s Food Products brought the Choriburger home and back into mainland Aklan. Launched during the Ati-Atihan season in January 2015, the Choriburger soon found a loyal following.

A filling treat made of a meaty patty bursting with Jocyl’s Chorizo goodness, a slice each of cheese, cucumber, and tomato, and slathered with a sweet-tangy mayo-ketchup dressing, the Jocyl’s Choriburger is perfect for a tummy-filling afternoon treat. Pair with your favorite juice, iced tea, or softdrink of choice, and you’ll probably spoiled for your next meal. So busog!

Currently being served at the Jocyl’s Food Products outlets in Kalibo, Aklan, one on 19 Martyrs’ Street and at the main branch in Tigayon, it has increasingly gained a loyal following of happy tummies.

The Choriburger, given the fact that it’s just a little over a month old, already exceeded expectations, as it had increased the number of walk-in customers in the Jocyl’s branches where they are served. This fact alone justifies the possibility that the Jocyl’s Choriburger may soon find itself in its own stalls.

We at Jocyl’s Food Products are happy to introduce to our customers the yummy, delicious, filling, and even nutritious Choriburger. We’re happy to see our customers’ tummies happy!

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