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Jocyl’s Chorizo de Kalibo: The Home of Finest Food Products


It’s undeniable that Filipinos love to eat. However, there is always an exemption. Foods served on the table must be delicious and healthy especially when considering the kids choice.

Kids tend to be picky during meal time especially at breakfast. They only love to eat what they want and that is a struggle for parents. Cut that struggle away through switching with the products of Jocyl’s Chorizo de Kalibo.

Jocyl’s Chorizo de Kalibo is a family owned micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) which is mainly based in Kalibo, Aklan. This is the only home of the finest food products namely:

Chorizo Smoked (400g/doz)
Skinless Longganisa (400g/doz)
Footlong and Jumbo Sliced Longganisa (400g)
Chicken Longganisa (400g/doz)
Chicken Tocino (500g)
Pork Tocino (400g)
Pork Embutido (350g/200g)
Chicken Embutido (350g/200g)
Corned Beef (230g)
Beef Tapa (230g)
Bida Chorizo Smoked (400g/doz)
Bida Sliced Longganisa (400g)

It’s out in the market since 1991 and since then, it has already served a lot of Filipinos with its nutritious and excellent quality food products. They only offer the original Filipino delicacies which are loved not only by kids but with the young at heart as well. What are you waiting for? Have your first bite of Jocyl’s Chorizo de Kalibo delicacies.

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