Jocyl's Chorizo de Kalibo: The Home of Finest Food Products

It’s undeniable that Filipinos love to eat. However, there is always an exemption. Foods served on the table must be delicious and healthy especially when considering the kids choice.

Kids tend to be picky during meal time especially on breakfast. They only love to eat what they want and that is a struggle for parents. Cut that struggle away through switching with the products of Jocyl’s Chorizo de Kalibo.

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Jocyl's Chorizo De Kalibo

Chorizo De Kalibo promises to satisfy your taste buds from the very first bite!

Our chorizos are homemade and processed with the highest quality. This is Kalibo's longganisa at its finest!

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When You’re In Aklan, You Have To Try Jocyl’s Food Products’ Skinless Longganisa, Pork Embutido, And Smoked Chorizo

Every company has a line of products it is most proud of, and Jocyl’s is no exception. While we are certainly proud of all our products there are three that we consider our best, and our customers agree.

We requested one of our most vocal customers to send in her review of our top three products: the Smoked Chorizo, the Skinless Longganisa, and the Pork Embutido. This is what she has to say.

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The Tummy-Filling Choriburger

Inspired by the popular, delicious, and affordable merienda treat from Boracay, Aklan - Choriburger

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NMIS Accredits Jocyl's Manufacturing Plant

Jocyl's Food Manufacturing Plant was certified(last February 12, 2015) as having Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) under class "AA" based on the NMIS standards. The accreditation stands for a year.

Class "AA" refers to those with facilities and operational procedures sufficiently adequate that the products being processed are suitable for sale in any market within the country.

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